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It might be possible to improve the angle by training muscles to function more optimally when the athlete shoots at closer to 45 degrees.

They then metricized it to 7260 grams, where it still is today. Quite interesting. It is obviously so because of the fact that the ball is landing lower than it is released from, but this is generally overlooked. Not sure how you arrived at 42 degrees? While Googling around, I also read that due to physiological variables, athletes can attain higher release velocities at different angles. Kinetic energy is proportional to the mass and the square of the speed. m1v1^2=m2v2^2(v2/v1)^2=m1/m2=7265/7256=1.00124v2/v1=sqrt(1.00124)=1.00062v2=13.280Plugging that into the calculator gives a range of 20.02 meters. Even though the horizontal speed stays the same, it would be in the air slightly longer at the lower angle because of coming in to land slightly shallower.

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